Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bi Visibility Day

Every September 23rd is Bi Visibility Day - you are probably wondering why I'm telling you this. Well because I'm bisexual *fires pink, purple and blue glitter into the air* Some of you will already know this, some of you may have guessed and some of you may have had no clue at all. I'll start from the beginning shall I? This is a long post so you may want a cup of tea and a few biscuits to tide you over :)

When I was a teenager I thought I was gay and while I now know it's a common thing for teenagers to question their sexuality, as a hippy, already socially awkward 14 year old in a small town in North Yorkshire there were no visible gay people or any queer culture at all, which just added to my social unease. Also, this was before the internet (thank goodness for the internet now!) When I was 16 I went to work at a local theme park and there encountered my first lesbian couple but I didn't identify with them at all as they were quite butch and I was very feminine and had long blonde hair (Remember that at this time I was a bit like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones). I met my first boyfriend J there and I remember thinking, 'Oh, I'm obviously not gay any more' although I still continued to admire girls. I then went out with S, then S (both guys) and then I met Matt and we have been together since. I'd never heard the term bisexual before and didn't know what it meant although I was and have always been bisexual. The best definition of bisexual comes from Robyn Ochs and it resonates with me. The bisexual umbrella picture is also helpful.

So where does this fit with my life now? As I said I've always known I was bisexual and I've always admired other women as well as men and Matt has known this for a long time. However it's only been in the past few years that I have claimed the 'title' bisexual and thought of this as my identity. And it's only in the past few months that I have felt brave enough to tell other people and to be out as a bisexual woman. Part of this is down to a wonderful group in Manchester called Biphoria who offer a safe space to talk with fellow bisexuals and although nerve racking at first, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise (the chips and friendly chatter in the pub afterwards help!) I am so much more confident in who I am now and this has had a huge impact on my depression too - I'm much healthier and happier now than I was 12 months ago.

So what does this mean for my life going forwards. Well essentially nothing has changed in my relationship with Matt. We are still in a loving monogamous relationship and that won't change - I chose him 20 years ago and I still choose him now. Society sees us as a straight couple but our family (and yes that includes the girls) know that we aren't.

This post was meant to wait until September 23rd but I've decided to share it now instead as it feels right. I'm pretty sure I will post more about bisexual activism and visibility on the day itself though.

I'm aware that I may be (for some of you anyway) the only out bisexual* you know so feel free to bombard me with questions and opinions although please do try to keep them polite :) I will literally answer anything so if you want to ask something but are shy then change to anonymous and I'll still answer them. Feel free to ask on facebook too or in real life. If you want a private answer then you can email me lynseysearle [at] gmail [dot] com.

And a big thank you must go to family and friends for accepting me as I am and to those people who I sent 'I'm feeling sorry for myself' emails. You know who you are.

*Out, white, monogamous, married to a man, cis(1) female bisexual - I can only answer questions from that perspective!

(1) identified as female at birth and still does. Opposite of cis is trans.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Book targets so far this year

I'm currently keeping a record of all the books I've read this year over on Pinterest (I also did it last year) It's interesting to me to see what I've read and it helps me keep a target in mind for how many books I would like to read in a year. The current aim is 52 books for the year (once each week) and I achieved that last year - whooo hooo! I'm on track for this year too as it is the 33rd week of 2014 and I've read 33 books!

During last year I also blogged each month about which books I'd read and a brief yay or nay quote about them but I couldn't be bothered to do that this year. Instead you will have to look at my Pinterest board :)

I will say though that if you ever spot Perfume by Patrick Suskind in a charity shop then grab it and read it. The writing is superb and the images it evokes are wonderful - well worth a read. Oh and I'm also going to watch the film version at some stage. It helps that Ben Whishaw is in it!

Monday, 11 August 2014

So Kenya was amazing!

We've just got back from Kenya (it was our big holiday as we have been married for 15 years) Thanks to wonderful grandparents we had two child free weeks while the girls were thoroughly spoiled! This is basically a picture dump post but be glad that we whittled the original 3,500 photos down to a much more manageable 600. These are the selected highlights of those 600! If you want to see more pictures (with captions of what they are then check out my albums on Facebook!)

Okey doke. Blogger is playing silly buggers so I can't seem to add more photos. Check them out on my Facebook.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Finishing off

Remember when I learnt a new craft back in July 2012? It was making toothbrush rugs and I learned how to make them from the lovely Christine. This is where I left off two years ago.

If I read back it had got to a magnificent 37cms!

I go to a monthly knit and natter group although as I have nothing to do with the dark art of yarn twiddling I do still go and take sewing/rug making along with me. The photo above is of how far I was on the 8th of this month.

This is Anya helping me in the park on the day of the teacher strike. Coincidently we met up with Christine and her daughters (as well as another friend *waves at Rachel*) so they were all helping out too.

And here is my other helper - he has claimed it as his rug! Luckily he is a small dog so he could sleep on it as I was making it and I could still turn it!

And this is it today! I'm using some techniques from the art of yarn twiddling to block this rug as it was starting to look more like a basket (useful for the dog but not so much for me!) I'm blocking it by wetting it thoroughly and then pinning it at intervals to the carpet so it stretches out into the shape it's meant to be. This is the second wetting and I just need it to dry overnight so that I can repin and get it in the proper shape tomorrow. I haven't measured it again so I don't know how big it is but I'm pleased with it for my first attempt :)

Anything crafty happening in your neck of the woods?

Friday, 11 July 2014

A book, a pretty little book

A very pretty book don't you agree? Lets have a look through the pages.

Ooooooh this page looks very interesting. Upcyced bubble mailers? Hang on a minute - lets have a closer look at the name at the top.....

Oh yes, that's me!! As you might have guessed from this long winded post, one of my tutorials has been featured in this book :)

See, a pretty picture too of my nursery rhyme bubble mailer.

The book was published in October last year and I forgot about it until I found the letter about it when I was tidying up the craft room recently - doh!!

So, how are you all?? I feel like I have been away from here for ages but it's been lass than a month!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


There's floor! And a desk that is usable when the fabric is moved!

And you'll have to imagine this but the stairs up to the top floor are also clear! This is because my mum and dad are coming to stay for a couple of days and they need to sleep in the study (which is also tidy!)
Speaking of mum and dad, I'd better go and clean the kitchen a bit before they get here!

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Going to the craft room and I'm going to get tidying....

Sing the title of this blog post to this tune.

I've finally made it back up to the craft room after leaving it to itself for a few months (depression/lack of motivation etc) It feels good to be back in there but goodness me it was a mess!

This is the space in front of my desk.

This is the doorway (I am aware that you are meant to go through doors!)

This is a pile to be sorted - a mixture of packaging and stock.

At least I have an eager helper!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Cool sculpture/use of a dead tree

During half term we went to stay with my mum and dad in Ripon - here we are going out for a pre bedtime walk :)

This tree is in Spa Gardens and has been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland themed sculpture. Lewis Carroll was said to have gathered some inspiration for his book from visits to Ripon Cathedral when his father was a cannon.

Cheshire Cat and The Queen of Hearts

My mum (she wasn't in the book!)

More characters

It's very cool to look at and find the characters :) Well I certainly enjoyed it! There's also something satisfying taking your children to places you played as a child and watching them climb the exact same trees!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Taking stock 2

The delightful Pip is taking stock so I thought I would join in. I've done it before and it's fun!

Making : Mending an eiderdown and continuing with the hexipuff quilt
Cooking : Nothing today as it's pasta carbonara for tea but lasagne tomorrow
Drinking : Tea
Reading: Lots of Tumblr/blog posts and Nemesis by Jo Nesbo
Wanting: To sleep better
Looking: At the lush greenery of the park outside my window
Playing: Screwball Scramble with the girls (99p in the charity shop!)
Deciding: What to do for Tara's party
Wishing: I could get motivated
Enjoying: My tidy bedroom
Waiting: For the rest of my house to be tidy/sorted (not gonna happen any time soon!)
Liking: Knowing people who 'get' me
Wondering: What desserts to take to a dedication at the weekend
Loving: My family (little and extended) who are all ace
Pondering: What direction to take Swirlyarts in
Considering: If to get some asparagus plants
Watching: This video by James - great song and very moving video
Hoping: That the girls uniforms will still fit for another few weeks
Marvelling: At how fab the girls are :)
Needing: Not a lot right now
Smelling: My perfume
Wearing: Clashing patterns as usual
Following: My own brand of fashion darhlink :)
Noticing: People's shoes more often (no idea why!)
Knowing: That I will get better soon (depression)
Thinking: A lot
Feeling: Hopeful and fairly content
Admiring: Strong people who know who they are
Sorting: Yet more stuff out for the charity shops
Buying: Too many books from charity shops as usual
Getting: Distracted easily
Bookmarking: Lots of things on Pinterest
Disliking: Judgemental people
Opening: Too many biscuit packets
Giggling: At stupid things Matt says and knowing that no-one else would understand!
Feeling: Ok
Snacking: See opening above!
Coveting: A new tattoo
Wishing: For  a magic wand to waft over my house to sort it all out!
Helping: A friend sort her garden out
Hearing: Dogs barking in the park

Also coveting these shoes!

Bye for now :)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The hexipuff quilt

It is going very, very slowly as I thought it might! Here is it's progress so far.

And here is what the individual hexipuffs look like on their own.

Come back next year and it may have doubled in size!

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